Alfred is the leader and the Master of Ceremonies or Announcer at all dances and appearances. His joyful and easy going manner of speech helps to create the very close feeling of friendship between the band and their audience.

Anton is the Manager and takes care of any business, sales and bookings for the band. They are highly concerned that each dance hall be satisfied with their appearance and performance.

Present musicians are:

Thomas Strmiska of Yarrellton who is featured on the drums and vocals. He has been with the Vrazels' for 35 years. He is the son-in-law of Alfred.

Albert Heselmeyer of Taylor who is featured on the bass guitar. He has been with the Vrazels' for 32 years.

David Trojacek who is featured on tenor and alto saxophone, lead guitar and vocals. He has been with the Vrazels' for 10 years.

Patrick Strmiska plays lead, rhythm and steel guitar. He rejoined the band 3 years ago after sitting out for over 10 years.

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The Vrazels' Polka Band has a combined total of 198 years of playing music. On occasion, Jessica Strmiska sings along in both the English and Czech language. She is 20 years old and has been singing with the Vrazels' for eight years. She is featured on Volume 1 of the two videos. Her brother, Matthew also performs with the band on the drums. He is 23 years old. They are the children of Thomas and Cindy and the grandchildren of Alfred.

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